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Hollywood does not have any competition. I take that back, it was only.

Hollywood casino pa poker atlantic city casino poker chips

Live thoroughbred horse racing Wed-Sat evenings all year long. Daily simulcast of harness and thoroughbred racing. I wish I could rate something about this place good, but the more I've gone there, I realize it keeps getting worse. Comps you can forget about, even when you spend money. It's like pulling teeth, to eat at their sub par buffet. It's like being a frat house, drinking out of solo cups. Mixed drinks, their idea of one, is ice and vodka.

For something thats only be open a decade plus, it reminds me of a funeral home. If you're going to gamble there, stick to the pony's or poker. Blackjack is embarrassing to watch people lose and get upset. The shuffling isn't even done right by the dealer's or automatic shuffler's. The entertainment, it's ok for a townie whose never travelled outside the county lines.

But if you're an outsider, whose done some john gambling new show and has a bit of life experience, keep driving past the exit. I certainty wouldn't waste my time or another dollar again, in such a disappointment at best.

As the majority of gambler's continue to die off, it attracts nothing to anyone below Just went there last night for the first time. It was a Monday, around 9pm when we arrived. Not at all busy Did a little walk around since it was my first time there. It's small, but I did like the layout. We stopped at the bar to get a drink and two poker completely ignored us and continued their own conversation. Neither my friend or I brought a lot of money with us.

We played slots for about 2. During that time, we didn't see or hear any slot wins. We found the most continuous play on the Quick Hit machines Neither of us won anything. We went to the pizza place in there for a snack and the staff was friendly enough.

Casino workers at the doors were friendly enough. I'm in no major hurry to return there. I would recommend trying somewhere else. Slots are way too tight to the point of being illegal. All I can say if you live near this place drive a little further to go to a casino. It will be well worth it. I was playing no limit at Hollywood Casino at Penn National on Saturday during the high hand promotion.

With just a few seconds hollywood on the clock, I tabled a straight flush, which was the highest hand of the hour. Poker clock on the wall was five seconds away from zero, and my entire table, including the dealer, saw that the clock had not reached zero. To my disbelief, the floor came over and told me that since the high hand was not verified before the end of the hour, that they would not be paying me anything at all. I was shocked and really felt cheated. Casino express slot feel that I earned the high hand promotion, but ended up going home empty-handed.

I followed up with Bill Diaber shift manager at the casino today. He reviewed my complaint and claims that the hand ended at 4 seconds past This is incorrect, obviously. He did apologize and offered me a steak dinner as compensation. I haven't been to the restaurants there yet other than a slice of pizza.

Id thought Id get more offers poker that, hollywood casino, but, whatever. I its okay I guess. Dealers have no idea on how to interact with people. You have to correct them because they mess up payouts. I play craps 2xs a week. Half of the dealers need to go to a real casino and learn etiquette same with the box men. Tables are dirty because the staff is too lazy to clean. Go to AC much better deal. When out of town people write reviews about this place and say that Hollywood is a good place they need to casino gambling tennessee think hard about what they say.

The only reason I play there is because it's close to casino sportsbook costa rica. People that drive a few hours to poker here should just keep going. I have been a gambler for 21 years. AC is really the only place to play if you play hard. You make the judgement call. When I do that in AC they comp my steakhouse dinner and room. One more gambling casinos in conn In 21 years I have never yelled at casino staff anywhere.

There is a reason casino enghein poker half the dealers that worked there went to Maryland casinos. Please don't tip the dealers unless they are really good. There poker a few in there, their getting the message Hollywood is you don't like it don't play.

Hollywood does not have any competition. But that does not excuse their lack of customer service. Just happened to see the sign on the interstate. They were opening some more BJ tables, so I waited. It took them forever to open 4 more burswood casino accommodation. The dealer was rude to some of the patrons who didn't know table etiquette, but the players were knowledgeable about the game.

I bought in for and cashed out in about 45 min forso I got back the from the 3 card poker plus a half tank of gas. All in all, a good stop. My wife played her slots and made a couple of dollars. I never play slots. I tell my wife washington area casino slots are reverse ATMs. I thought the casino was OK. I have been going to this casino since they opened the doors and have only hit 1 win over 1, dollars and that happened years ago.

You can't expect to win all the time, but losing every time, spending as much as i do, regularly makes me wonder if the pa gaming control board is even doing their job? After reading several guests reviews, l agree with the following: Finally, l was there last evening. While watching another slot player, l was told it is a policy that l fall casino not sit and watch another player. When I responded, l had been a regular since the casino opened, and never heard of such a policy?

I was told okay, if you are not playing, don't watch people. Hollywood is a money grabbing vortex. What is needed is a new casino to give it competition, someone out there you are needed in Grantville, Pennsylvania. I Live 10 min away in Hershey. I have played in AC and Vegas and have to say that hollywood has a lot to learn about satisfying a true players needs. I spend a lot of money and casino least I expect is free buffets and drinks.

I play at Hollywood or more times a year and never even got a food voucher sent to me. I go to AC or Vegas once a year and they flood my mailbox with offers. Wake up Hollywood, you are about to lose another serious player. Slots are really tight here. Other reviewers are correct when they say go to Altantic City. PA's 55 percent tax is killing slots play. If you play the slots here you'll probably lose too quickly to make a night of it.

The buffet is really average at best. The prime rib is overdone and most of the other food is so-so. The steak house is good, but a bit pricey. The Sports Bar has a very limited menu and food quality is sub par, although the bartenders are cool. The Mountain View Restaurant is a nice place to watch the ponies and have dinner.

this · 1 was here. Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course is bringing you the latest Hollywood Poker Not Now. Casino in Grantville, Pennsylvania. Love the Hollywood Casino Poker Room - can't be beat. Also the Epic. I played 3/6l there yesterday. Was pleased overall. Floor needs to get better at filling empty seats. I waited for 15+min to be seated when seats. Games offered: Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Mini-Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Three Card Hollywood casino nor anywhere in Grantville, PA offer cab services or.

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