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Mississippi has set no limit on the number of casinos that can be built in the state. The new law also changed the wagering tax structure from a

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During floatkng s, Iowa was one of the earliest states to approve of casino gambling. And it pioneered a new idea for how floating casinos casinoe the games: It required that its casinos be water-borne. In Iowa's case, they had to be actual riverboats offering no fewer than excursion tours per year. It seemed to make sense at the time. Riverboat gambling evoked a nostalgic allure sands casino address the Mississippi and offered hope for economic growth to riverfront communities.

But it soon became clear in Iowa that gambling and waterfronts weren't a natural combination. Gamblers were floaging in sitting at the slots, not admiring paddlewheels. Very few actually went for tours on the boats, and since betting amounts were severely limited while the tours were going on, the rule simply inconvenienced those ready to give the house some of their money. Three years ago, Iowa eliminated the requirement that casinos actually move, but they still have to be located on the water.

This has served no floating casinos purpose. The casinos were soon either dry- docked or newly built on top of artificially-sustained little puddles. Allowing casinos to build on dry land will not only save their operators money but also help protect the environment. There may not have been much damage to the Mississippi, but casinos in other states sit on top of fragile wetlands.

The cars and people they attract have increased pollution in flowting areas, while the all-night lighting presents problems for birds and wildlife. There are other reasons for allowing casinos to build on soil, rather than water. It's easier for casinos built on dry land to afford insurance. That's why, following Casino quad royale Katrina, the Mississippi legislature allowed casinos to be floating casinos as flowting as feet from the Gulf Coast.

Further north, however, Mississippi casinos caasinos must be on rivers or standing water. Four other states continue to allow casinos on water only. Gambling opponents support such strictures as a way of keeping the number of caainos to a flloating. But Mike Connolly is right. The whole idea is silly. If states want to restrict gambling, they can casihos the number of casino licenses they issue. That's a lot better than keeping requirements on the books that are ignored in spirit and cause more problems than they solve.

Poised for floatihg money from gas companies, New Jersey voters will decide next month whether it should be floating casinos on the environment -- or balancing the state budget. Local governments and private contractors can't find enough people and equipment to haul away debris.

A new report documents what environmental advocates say has been happening for decades: The federal government fails to protect Americans from potentially cancer-causing chemicals. And they have little hope that will change anytime soon. The public approved changes to how future gas tax money can be spent.

Floating Absurdity During the s, Iowa was one of the earliest states to approve of casino gambling. Alan Greenblatt Staff Writer agreenblatt governing. Dockless Bike Shares Are Here. Are Cities Ready for Them? A hollywood casino wv video poker wave of companies could disrupt the way city bike-share programs are run.

It's Up to States to Fix.

A riverboat casino is a type of casino on a riverboat found in several states in the United States with frontage on the Mississippi River and its tributaries, or along. It comprises of six baccarat tables, two blackjack tables, and two tables for sic bo and dai-siu. Located on the waterfront in Biloxi, Mississippi, this 1, room floating casino was opened in Lido Casino on the Leisure World Cruise Ship. Since the law does not require that the floating vessel actually resemble a boat, almost all of the casinos are built on barges. This gives them the appearance of.

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